Manifesto of a beautiful and responsible fashion. Because we believe in a fashion (whatever it is) smarter, more reasonable, ecological and human, we wish, through our Manifesto, to make you aware of the values ​​and initiatives that we defend.

We offer manufacturers and professionals with extra soul to allow everyone to respect the environment. We audit them on the eco-responsible criteria (more than 120 questions) to ensure the coherence of their approach throughout the value chain.

Human Friendly

#01 - Ethics

It is at the heart of Eco-Responsible Fashion. On our part, this translates into asking the right questions to understand the subject as a whole, questioning the origins of a product, and the means implemented for its transformation, its distribution. We pay great attention to the conditions under which each of these steps were carried out. Ethical Fashion is the ideal towards which DropnShop tends.
We support brands and boutiques that place social rights, decent working conditions, the environment and solidarity at the heart of their DNA.

#02 - Transparency

Transparency is at the heart of our work - it is in our price, it is in the origin of our products, it is our core value. By daring to be transparent, we are proud to showcase brands that are completely traceable, and have nothing to hide - neither do we !


#03 - Brand Image

We respect each other in our diversity and complexity. For DropnShop, this means we ensure that the brands of our manufacturers are being properly represented. This is achieved through checks with our partners to ensure the respect of our manufacturers’ work and products.

#04 - Inclusiveness

At DropnShop, we promote inclusiveness and togetherness. Whether it is amongst our team, with our manufacturers or partners, we work together to better ourselves, and we strive to improve existing systems and processes. Join our Slack and social media community !


#05 - Ecology

It is very important for us to encourage amongst our manufacturers clean processes (creation, production, distribution), the treatment of waste ( manufacturing defects, recycling, wastewater), and the reduction of energy consumption.

#06 - Recycling

Recycled (even synthetic) fibers can have an ecological impact that is less harmful to the environment than new fibers. Let's stop the production of new synthetic fibers from oil and recycle those that have already been produced to preserve resources.

#07 - Zero waste

Let us fight against waste. Zero waste is achieved by allowing used textiles to be used for other purposes (insulation, car seat upholstery, etc.) or by diverting a used product to create clothing.


#08 - Fair Trade

Responsible fashion guarantees workers decent working conditions and remuneration. It ensures the continuity of know-how and traditions. We are convinced that today's purchases are influencing the development of tomorrow’s.

#09 - A united economy

We promote Social and Solidarity-based Enterprises (SSEs) that are committed to reconciling economic activity and equity and that place people and not profit at the center of the activity. We say "Yes!"

#10 - The collaborative economy

We support the sharing of resources, resources, tools, spaces, know-how, etc. which helps to avoid waste. Pooling benefits everyone.


#11 - Made in France

Made in France and local trade meet the three pillars of Sustainable Development by promoting local jobs and limiting the carbon footprint. We select products whose main steps of manufacture (including the assembly) were carried out in France. We agree that raw materials may come from other countries because of their rarity (organic cotton, wool, silk ...) or an additional cost that is difficult for small creators to bear.


#12 - Know-How

By supporting creators and traditional know-how, we act in favor of collective intelligence and the transmission of knowledge. We value the artisans who make our clothes with love.

#13 - Handmade

For us, hand-made products guarantee quality. It is also a way of creating a bond and proximity with the person who designed the product.


#14 - Second hand

Give a second life to a product, avoid waste and promote the circular economy in a zero waste perspective. On the condition that the economic model is eco-responsible of course!

Eco Fashion

#15 - Style

We want to promote a fashion for all, men and women, original, modern cuts, prints in the spirit of the time and a style corresponding to the personality of each.

#16 - Quality

Products must be designed to last. We attach great importance to the material and finishes made to the products.

#17 - Minimalism

We believe that a dressing room composed of few well-chosen pieces forms the basis of an eco-responsible wardrobe.